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TREZETA is a leading company for anticorrosion treatments with a 40 year experience in research and coating applications thanks to the passion and dedication of its founding members.

We can offer ANTICORROSIVE TREATMENTS, CONCRETE REFURBISHING AND PROTECTION TREATMENTS, FIREPROOFING TREATMENTS, VARNINSHING AND INSULATION TREATMENTS for the manufacturing sector, the building industry, the shipbuilding industry and the offshore industries.

Thanks to the use of versatile and reliable materials, TREZETA can offer a highquality product work and set itself as an international company that is able to operate and compete within the global market. TREZETA is able to offer an “all-inclusive” service and deliver turnkey solutions with high-quality standard results in compliance with safety, health and environment regulations. TREZETA follows a strict HSE policy by assuring a complete training to its working personnel.

TREZETA can offer the client the best technical and qualitative solutions. Our company can offer a highquality level thanks to RINA ISO 9001:2008 certification and thanks to the employment of NACE and FROSIO certified personnel according to the international and national quality standard certifications.

All the activities are performed inside the client’s manufacturing facilities as well as within our company premises located in Ravenna where we are fully equipped with modern sandblasting and varnishing plants. We are able to handle very heavy materiai and large-sized structures thanks to our dedicated equipment: gantries with more than a 10 tons capacity load, lift trucks provided with telescopie handlers, aerial work platforms, truck cranes, engine drive compressors and electric mount compressors, mobile sandblasting and varnishing systems.

TREZETA is also active in the research field. Scientific knowledge allows us to be a company on the cutting edge for anticorrosive and protective treatments. Great leading companies demand our professional skills and service.

TREZETA is the key solution to all your needs.

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