Construction and industrial

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TREZETA in the construction field can intervene in different ways depending on the degradation achieved by the structure to be treated: chiselling degraded concrete, removing unstable elements, sandblasting, passivation with alkaline systems cement-based polymer, injection with epoxy formulas fluids to eliminate discontinuities and cracks , restoring volume with the use of technical mortars, elastomeric coating cycle. The processes that can cause a deterioration of the works in cement and concrete are many and varied in nature, causes physical, structural, chemical, electrochemical, biological. The corrosion directly affects the armor works cement, concrete and indirectly, for the consequences that the corrosion of the reinforcement leads to concrete.

TREZETA in an industrial environment performs corrosion protection of steel structures, working with a certified Quality System ISO 9001: 2008. Preparation of surfaces by means of a 'abrasion that will achieve a level of cleanliness in accordance with the current regulations, the application of anticorrosion products by checking the composition, thickness applied and the operating procedures and environmental factors that are and should always be consistent with the standard NACE and FROSIO , the thickness control in wet and dry single layer of product applied and thickness measurement of the total dry the entire cycle, with adequate instrumentation previously calibrated and controlled.